Plastiques Moore: Canada’s leader in microfluidic plates

Plastiques Moore: Canada’s leader in microfluidic plates


Thanks to its Moore MedTech division, Plastiques Moore has positioned itself as a leader in the development and manufacturing of microfluidic plates (lab-on-a-chip devices).

These plastic single-use microlaboratories reduce diagnostic times and minimize lab work. They make it possible to diagnose E. coli infection in less than an hour, which is much faster than the standard two to five days required at traditional medical labs.

Moore MedTech’s R&D team works closely with its customers to design, manufacture, and assemble solutions that outperform Diagnostic products currently on the market.

Moore MedTech hosts a high-performance team, cutting-edge technologies, and one of the only clean rooms in Quebec specifically designed for plastic injection molding. These advantages help us systematically meet the high quality standards of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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