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The Automotive Industry:
Replacing Metal with High Performance Plastic Parts

Now you can bring down your production costs while improving the efficiency, precision, and performance of your vehicle parts by replacing metal with plastic or designing your parts using a two shot injection or overmolding process.

At Plastiques Moore, we have extensive experience developing injection molded plastic products. Our solid reputation in the automotive industry is based on:

  • Our proactive approach to finding solutions and manufacturing techniques that truly benefit our clients
  • Our APQP and PPAP development method, aligned with vehicle manufacturer processes, ensuring parts are optimized for repeatability and repetitive manufacturing
  • Our tool manufacturing capabilities
  • Our kanban just in time delivery system
  • The quality of our injection molded plastic parts

We manufacture parts for the biggest vehicle manufacturers in Canada and the United States, including:

  • Polyacrylic (PMMA – PA) headlight, tail light, and interior light lenses
  • Structural parts
  • Sealing systems
  • Parts for headrests and armrests

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Automotive parts

Automotive parts

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Partnering with Plastiques Moore means working with a team dedicated to finding the solution that reduces the weight and cost of your parts without ever compromising precision or performance.