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Turnkey Solutions for Your Plastic Parts

If you’re looking to reduce shipping costs or simplify your process by doing away with intermediaries or subcontractors, ask about our turnkey services. Plastiques Moore offers a variety of services that could meet your needs.

Plastic Parts Injection Molding Simulation (Mold Flow)

By using a program that simulates the injection molding process (mold flow), our team is able to optimize the design for your parts and molds. The program perfectly simulates the flow of plastic, allowing us to identify where gains can be made in terms of part weight, without compromising solidity or performance. The program is available directly in our facilities, so our team of specialists can analyze any requested adjustments and modify the design right away.

In-mold Decoration and In mold Labeling (IMD, IML)

With in-mold decoration (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML), a thermoplastic film can be injected and decorated right in the mold. This means that any decoration or inscription you add to your plastic parts will be permanent. The process also reduces the number of steps involved in manufacturing the part, since there’s no need for painting or masking. Regranulated material (regrind) or non esthetic material can also be injected and then covered by the decorative film to bring down your manufacturing costs.

More Value added Services

  • Prototyping, so you can try out a design before mass producing it
  • Automated process for impeccable production with zero defects
  • Assembly and packaging services to simplify your process
  • Inventory logistics and management, including customs broking, shipping, storing, and delivering your plastic parts according to your set quantities and timetables
  • Shipping of final product directly to your client
  • Parts molding in Mexico for our clients in the southern United States and North America
  • Kanban system integrated at both ends

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In mold decoration

In mold decoration

In mold decoration

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