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Injection Molds Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications

Mold manufacturing is a crucial step in the plastic parts injection molding process and has a direct impact on the quality and visual appeal of the part for which the mold is designed. Our engineering team develops the molds and related tools that will then be carefully manufactured to make your investment truly cost effective. Our expertise has earned us a solid reputation in the medical, military, automotive, and industrial sectors.

At Plastiques Moore, we provide turnkey services. That means we:

  • Optimize your design from the outset—before the mold is manufactured
  • Have the tooling solutions manufactured by some of the best in the industry
  • Use superior manufacturing techniques to deliver a superior product
  • Handle assembly onsite so orders can be delivered directly to your clients

We promise to store, take care of, and repair your mold for its entire lifespan.

With Plastiques Moore you’ll always have the perfect plastic part, right when you need it.

Mold manufacturing

Mold manufacturing

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